DentalVista is a teledentistry application that bridges the gap between dentistry and technology. The application provides e-checkups and updates the related dentist and clinic periodically, recognizing that dental treatments often require multiple sessions to treat the patient. While the app features a Chatbot, there are innovative additions that offer flexibility to both patients and dentists. In DentalVista, there is an option to capture a scan and picture of the mouth on the screen for oral examination. This information is then analyzed using a Deep Learning algorithm, specifically CNN (Convolutional Neural Network). The algorithm automatically examines and analyzes the scan images to locate potential issues and generates an examination report. Patients have the capability to send this report to their dentist for further confirmation.

  • Supervised by: Ms. Ummay Faseeha
  • Student Name: Aneeqa Asif, Arisha Shahid, Laiba Laique, Mahrukh Nizami

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