DipArt (an e-commerce solution)

DipArt is our social media Business startup where we sell Arabic calligraphy with the best quality frames in different categories and handmade frames at affordable prices. Let's talk about customers facing problems when placing an order according to their needs rather than what they want. They’re unable to express their exact requirements using social media platforms and there is no specific feature or application for this purpose. Also, there are so many small businesses of calligraphy that are at the beginner's level and there is no specific application for them to promote their businesses. They are selling their calligraphy by making Instagram and Facebook pages. After analyzing these issues, we provide a live application and website to improve our services. Within our application and website, users can customize Calligraphy on their own to place an order. Through Arabic and Urdu keyboards they can write and customize using different scripts according to their requirement. Also giving an opportunity to beginners who are running small startups of their art through social media platforms to showcase their talent as an artist.

  • Supervised by: Ms. Hira
  • Student Name:Hadia Naeem, Noor Ayesha Malik, Uroosa Ahmed Yar, Syeda Naima Nadeem

DipArt (an e-commerce solution) Website

DipArt (an e-commerce solution) App