FYP 2015 SE

A platform for students to search the institutes and tutors according to their perspective courses and their nearest location.

Providing Assistance to blind people through Navigation and Shape Detection feature

An application that helps overcome Autism difficulties .

A lesson planner and lesson maintenance Application for teachers to manage the overall monthly, weekly and daily classes.

AR Furnview an Augmented Reality based furniture house. A platform to make the buying pattern of furniture system much easier by adding 3D functionality on it where the users who wanted to buy furniture item, they can buy without physically moving to furniture house.

Building Brains is a Mobile application to help Alzheimer's sufferers. It will help in the cognitive training of the patient.

Community algorithm tool for healthcare domain CATHD .Developing a tool on original community algorithm of 10 bits .Extending community sticker from 10 bits for healthcare domain

The purpose of building aweCureVR is to treat phobic disorder in Virtual Reality. aweCureVR is targeting two phobias i.e. Agyrophobia (fear of crossing road/bridge) & Glossophobia (fear of public speaking).

EyePal application provides the guidance for blind and visually impaired people in their daily life.

Providing facility of getting medicines at home and notification alert that remind to take pills .

Smart Restaurant using latest technologies and android approach. The system covers whole order process including activities of dinner, waiter, chef, and cashier.

E-Canteen WBS is the system where customers order their food and receive food in the canteen without any delay as they can directly go and collect what they ordered without waiting for a turn or waiting time

An Application that provides cleaning services to the users

Implementing Public services module for Smart City including Smart Parking System, Smart Shopping System and Security Alert System .