Supervised by Ms. Ummay Faseeha

  • Highlighting the garbage problem in Karachi that the garbage not properly dumped and not properly disposed, that cause many problems around the environment like pollution, diseases and sewerage blockage due to the plastic waste and other materials. The suitable solution that fits for this problem is reducing waste by recycling it. This project is based on a web application and mobile application providing a bridge between the waste collector (recycling company) and waste producers (those who wants to sell their waste like paper, plastic, organic, metals and more other) by filling up a service form in which amount of waste you want to sell and choice of categories of hazardous and non hazardous waste and calculated amount of waste to sell and get the price in cash and notified by email.

Founders: Bushra Abdul Rasheed , Izba Shahid , Maryam Bibi , Summaiya Shafique

Incubated in Jinnah University for Women Buisness Incubation Center (JUBIC)


Supervised by Ms.Hafiza Anisa Ahmed

  • Smart InNavigation guides the users accurately to their destination on campus indoor areas. This application is based on Augmented Reality (AR) and 2D mal view that helps and guides the user from one location to another.

Founders: Neha Salahuddin , Shafaq Naz , Urooj Ali , Zara Naqvi

Incubated in Jinnah University for Women Buisness Incubation Center (JUBIC)

DysPal: Assistive Learning System

Supervised by Ms.Hafiza Anisa Ahmed

  • It is an interactive assistive learning system that gives the opportunity for an enhanced education approach, increased awareness and developing a way to better the lives of children with learning disorders.

Founders include, students of BS (SE) 2016 Hira Irshad , Kashf Shameen ,Mahnoor Sheikh ,Misbah Altaf

Brain Booster

Supervised by Ms.Ummay Faseeha

  • Brain Boosters is one of the current startup of NEST IO providing “Brain Controlled Wheelchairs” and “Android Controlled Wheelchairs” in order to facilitate and assist those people who are fully or partially paralyzed. Brain Boosters is also working on Brain games for improving the mental and cognitive health of people and children with and without disabilities.

Founder: Lubna Ahmed

Incubated in NestIO

Bolo Tech (Urdu Speech Therapy)

Supervised by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahab Siddiqui

  • A platform which improves coodination of speech muscles, enhances language fluency, builds confidence and self esteem, using positive reinforcement and visual/auditory aids.

Founders: Student of BS(CS)2013 Rabab Fatima and Shanza Khan Shahani

Incubated in NestIO

Improve My City

Supervised by Prof. Dr. Narmeen Zakaria Bawanyui

In today’s modern cities, there is a growing requirement for public administrations to directly communicate with their citizens, view the existing problems from their perspective and react to their needs timely. Improve My City enables citizens and local actors to take action to improve their city .

Founders: Students of BS(CS)2012 Tehreem Hussain and Tehreem Qamar


Supervised by Prof. Dr. Narmeen Zakaria Bawany

Track’Em helps you keep track of your belongings by attaching bluetooth 4.0 stickers to your possessions, so you can always find them whenever you need them. Be it your keys or wallet, your gadgets or backpack, track’Em will let you track your belongings wherever they are.

Founders: Abira Khan, Kiran Atta, Maria Rahman and Syeda Komal Sajjad