Applied Invoice Tax Submission System

"ApplianceVision AR" is a web app and mobile app that contains a 3D model of the product. This application is applied with augmented reality technology which allows users to use it more interactively when they want to explore the 3D model of the Appliances in the real-world space. Appliances in Reality also comes with come functionality that eases the user to know specification and functionality about the product such as the user can drag the cursor where they want to see the functionality and description of the particular button. The main purpose of ApplianceVision AR • To provide real-time use of information in the form of a graphical representation of the appliance manual and give them ease for reading long manuals. • To build an application that give show their specification in a real-world environment. • To facilitate people by the visibility of the features before buying and comfortable and at ease while shopping for their appliances online. • Users will compare appliances at home before buying according to their specifications.

  • Supervised by: Dr. Saifullah Adnan & Ms. Tehreem Qamar
  • Student Name: Nida Hanif, Sumbul Kashif

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