Business Hub

We have observed a problem that is related to the entrepreneurs of Jinnah University who own small businesses. When one starts up a new business, they face various problems as they are new in the field, and have no experience and idea how to connect with people and promote their products for which they need a platform where they can openly promote their products and find customers. We have proposed a solution to solve these obstacles, our project (Business Hub) is for students who own small businesses, we will build an E-commerce mobile application for small business holders where they can put up their products and services, can connect with more people, and make money out of it. This application will help the students by providing them with a trustworthy platform. Sellers will easily be able to make their profiles where they can put pictures of their products and services and buyers can easily choose for themselves from these categories, book or place an order, choose the payment method, and contact the seller. .

  • Supervised by: Ms. Sadia Javed
  • Student Name: Hareem Imran, Insharah Riaz, Ujala Shah

Business Hub Website

Business Hub App