Dr Remote

The Dr. Remote project presents a remote healthcare monitoring system that addresses the challenges facing the traditional healthcare system. With the rising demand for healthcare services, remote healthcare monitoring systems offer a viable solution to provide a convenient healthcare services. The project utilizes IoT devices, a mobile app, and a website platform to enable patients to monitor their health remotely. Additionally, healthcare providers can use this system to monitor their patient's health remotely, enabling them to provide timely interventions and reduce the risk of hospitalization. The continued advancements in technology will drive the adoption of remote healthcare monitoring systems, making them an integral part of the healthcare system. The Dr. Remote project serves as an innovative solution that can provide healthcare services to patients, regardless of their location, and contribute towards better health outcomes for the community.

  • Supervised by: Miss Ushna
  • Student Name: Bakhtawar Siraj, Ummul Qura Mehdi, Jaweria ejaz, Bisma Akbar Khan

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