Scheduling Builder

Scheduling Builder is an automated schedule management system. Scheduling is a challenge that almost all educational institutions face. Creating and managing a manual time table is a very difficult task for administrators of educational institutions. Each institution has multiple departments, and since each department offers many courses, space is limited and classes are difficult to manage. With the help of Scheduling Builder, we can control the schedule of each class and faculty member within specific time slots so that their schedules do not conflict and there are no scheduled classes for rooms and labs at the same time. The system will also arrange additional classes if requested by the teacher then sends notifications to the student regarding any changes or updates to the schedule. Additionally, the Scheduling Builder will help the user to create an exam timetable to avoid scheduling conflicts during exams.

  • Supervised by:Ms. Hafiza Anisa Ahmed
  • Student Name: Afifa Sultana Rabia Fatima, Sohema Anwar, Umaima Muzammil
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