Seniors Go Digital

"Seniors Go Digital" is a transformative project aimed at addressing the challenges faced by Pakistan's growing senior citizen population. The traditional retirement model often left seniors feeling isolated and undervalued, unappreciated by age-related limitations. This project recognizes the need for meaningful post-retirement activities, fostering a sense of purpose and engagement. By providing a user-friendly digital platform, it empowers seniors to share their skills, connect with peers, and participate in remote work. The app incorporates features like real-time communication tools and mentorship opportunities, promoting interaction between seniors and younger generations. Through usability evaluations, the project ensures continuous improvement, prioritizing user feedback. The ultimate goal is to bridge the digital divide for seniors, creating an inclusive society where technology empowers them to connect, learn, and thrive in the digital age. "Seniors Go Digital" stands as a crucial step towards a brighter future for our seniors in the evolving landscape of technology.

  • Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Narmeen Zakaria Bawany & Ms. Kanwal Zahoor
  • Student Name: Manahil Azhar Kainat Nasir Umna Khan Shaveena Khan

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