Virtual Try-On

In our ambition to find a solution for online shoppers and people who really care about how a piece of clothing looks on them, we came upon an intelligent and light solution that gives you a virtual look and sense of satisfaction. Combining Artificial Intelligence algorithms with minimal hardware, a cell phone camera in this case, we came up with Try on the Go. Algorithms that integrally support this idea and shape it into a system firstly analyze the human pose to configure a segmented mask to which a piece of cloth can be mapped and then extract the piece of clothing and shape it to fit the human body, from a picture that you commonly find on an online store. Therefore, the products of both steps are combined to form an image that gives you a realistic look on how your selected piece of clothing will look once you have tried it on.

  • Supervised by: Dr. Sikander Rahu
  • Student Name: Isha Naseem Mahnoor Sohail Nida Farooq

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